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C++ printed a 100MB text file in just 6 seconds inference (Due to file stream not initialized with any file on system)

This was actually acomplished by 'not' intialising the inout file stream with any real file.
So, computer may have pointed to some random location, and hence it went on printing for so long!

In 6 seconds, it printed a 91.4MB text file
In 1 minute (60 seconds), it printed a 848MB text file!

[though notepad hang when trying to open these files]


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Message Scroller (Big and Styled Characters)


    Programmer - Aditya Gupta (aka. Techy15)
    Language - C++


//Known Bug : It doesn't scroll if it the length of the bigger string matches the terminal width, for a second or so

 * VIM : :%s/foo/bar/g finds and replaces ALL 'foo' with 'bar'
 * A - 65
 * a - 97
 *Observation - Terminal in windowed mode has a heiht of 23 lines, width of 80 characters; and in full screen, has a height of 38 lines, and width of 169 characters [Useful for creating clrscr alternative with newlines] */

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <unistd.h>

#ifdef _WIN32   //Macro defined by MSVC (Microsoft Visual C++) compiler (not g++)
    #include <windows.h>
#elif __linux__
    #include <sys/ioctl.h>
#elif __MINGW32__   //MinGW (g++)
    #include <windows.h>
#elif __CYGWIN__    //CygWin (g++)
    #include <windows.h>

using namespace std;

//char l[12][8][10]={{"-----…

LudO - The Game

Programmer - Aditya Gupta (Techy15)
Language - C++
Program - LudO - The Game

/* PLANS- Add functionality for name of player */

//IMP NOTE - See all notes, written in this form "//NOTE..."

//NOTE- Mark 'R','G','B','Y' for gotis, ignore doubling for now
//NOTE- Settings will have options: change default game play order(ie RBYG), change/give names to each colour
//NOTE- Add code in case of attacks
//NOTE- Add stops, and ways to show them distinct from others {may require graphics.h}


/* #include<fstream>
   To be used in case save & resume to be used*/

using namespace std;
//Changes on 16th Oct

//Show gotis as R1, R2... and ask user to enter string R1 or whatever


// Place within appropriate block ...
    short diethrow(){
    int fl=1; //holds 0 if decnum is 0
    while(fl==0) { char *temp;
        temp=new char; short decnum=0;
    unsigned long location=&…

FUN with the FUNCTIONS in C++

1. To define a function outside the class, there MUST be a prototype inside the class.
For eg.
class Jg{
int num;
Jg(){ num=0; }
void Jg::Display() //Error will be here
{ cout<<num;
//This Program will give the error "no 'void Jg::Display()' member function declared in class 'Jg'"

2. What if one member function defined twice, once inside class and once outside?
Will give error "[error]redefintion of int Jg::Display()"
And then pointing on the first defintion it will give "[NOTE] int Jg::Display() previously defined here"
PROGRAM - #include<iostream>
using namespace std;
class Jg{
int num;
int Jg::Display(){ //ERROR
Jg J1;

3. What if a member function declared twice inside the class?
Will show error "int Ag::Display() cannot be overloaded"
Program- #include<iostream>
using namespace std;
class Ag{
int n…