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The CricBoard - A C++ Project

//All this is made with the knowledge of C++ till class 11, so it might seem to be a bit lengthy...
struct bat{
char name[26];
int run;
int ball;
float strrate;
int flag;
struct bowl{
char name[26];
int run;
int overs;
float econ;
int wicket;
using namespace std;
void title(void)
cout<<"\n\t\tThe CricBoard\n";
void benter(bat B[]);
void blenter(bowl B[]);
void bdisplay(void);
void bldisplay(void);
void bedit(int);
void bwedit(int);
int main()
punarvichaar: int ch,_ch2;
cout<<"Choose from the below two options (Enter 1 or 2):"
<<"\n\n1. Enter the Batting Statistics first"
<<"\n\n2. Enter the Bowling Statistics first\n\n";
{ benter(bats); blenter(bowls);
} else if(ch==2)
{ blenter(bowls);  benter(bats);
} else goto punarvichaar;

The MultiMatics - A C++ Project

/*This program is a very basic one, but still a quite long use, making it useful for learning*/
/* I HAVE WRITTEN THIS BY MYSELF, and I give FULL RIGHTS TO ANYONE willing to take this code for learning purpose, or for experimenting with this! And, 'please' don't use this for "copy&paste" purposes*/

#define 1/0 Not_Defined
using namespace std;
void delay(void)
    for(int i=0;i<3000;i++)
    for(int j=0;j<9090;j++) {}
void expan(void);
long double fact(long int a);
//long double pow(long int x,long int y) has been removed by me due to no need
void pac();
void trigo(void);
void genac();
int main()
    float a,b; long int x,n,p,choice;
    cout<<"Enter : "<<endl<<"@ 1 for expansion of (1+x)^n"<<endl
<<"\n@ 2 for factorial calculation"<<"@ 3 for power cal…