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Decimal to Binary (wo Array) - A DIFFERENT APPROACH (the way i do it)

* Title - Decimal to Binary Converter - My Way
 * Programmer - Aditya Gupta (@Techy15)
 * */
/*The more general approach is to take remainders after dividing by 2, but this one is by comparison*/
/*Compiled with g++ on Zorin OS (Linux)*/

using namespace std;

long pow(int a, int power){
        if(power==0) return 1;
        else if(power==1) return a;
        else return a*pow(a,power-1);

int main(){
        int dec,bin=0,wtemp1,wtemp2,i=0;
        cin>>dec; wtemp1=wtemp2=dec;
        return 0;

C++ printed a 100MB text file in just 6 seconds inference (Due to file stream not initialized with any file on system)

This was actually acomplished by 'not' intialising the inout file stream with any real file.
So, computer may have pointed to some random location, and hence it went on printing for so long!

In 6 seconds, it printed a 91.4MB text file
In 1 minute (60 seconds), it printed a 848MB text file!

[though notepad hang when trying to open these files]


Programmer/Tester- Aditya Gupta (aka Techy3.5 :-)

I used g++ to compile these on linux

1. Type casting of floating point numeral to integer (either automatic or by type casting)-
Conversion of floating point to integer is by taking the GIF (Greatest Integer Funtion) and NOT ROUNDING OFF

Greatest Integer Function(Maths,12th) it gives the integer part when the original number is written as integer+fractional part (where fractional part is less than 1 but positive)

2. NEsted MultiLine Comment [actually wont work as expected?!]
if you do this in C++....
/*  blah /*blah blah blah*/ blah*/
the last blah will be visible to the compiler!!! (Inference- Multiline-Comment ends whenever */ is encountered, no matter where!!)NEsted MultiLine Comment

3. Size of various types (of C++) on 'Linux' Mint - (and same as in later versions of windows, and most PCs nowadays)
char - 1
int - 4  (and: short - 2, unsigned long - 8)
long long - 8
float - 4
double - 8 (and: long double - 16)

NOTE- All sizes in by…