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MY ENCODER / DECODER (The Way i Do it!)

Further ideas - 1. Encode whole of a file given by user (but, how to set the file stream to input a file name given in run time, and not a predefined name)
2. Make it more advance by using many encryption techniques, and let the program chose any one of them randomly, taki khud programmer ko bhi pata na ho ki kaun se coding se decode hoga, and set a password in the program bnefore askig to decode, because that will be the only way
3. Currently i am supporting sentence input of maximum 101 characters, increase it to unlimited using stacks, queues, etc.
4. Add support for encoding and decoding other characters as well
5. In the print() function - Add a condition (maybe using iomanip.h) so as to print first character as capital, in case of printing decoded string
6.In the ctb() function -
  {i}  Try to remove the assumption by modifying the function
  {ii} Now... How to convert a decimal number in…